When I feel like my face needs a good cleaning, I typically reach for a mud mask. They always work so well and my skin feels refreshed afterwards. Sheet masks are all the rage lately, so I thought I would change it up and give them a try. The Sephora face masks seemed like a great place to start! I purchased the Rose mask, which seemed to be the most popular of the line, as well as the Algae mask. Since my face has been breaking out lately, I decided it needed a good detox so I opted for the Algae mask.

The mask was pre-soaked and simple to apply to my face. I kept the mask on for 20 minutes and simply peeled it off. The instructions said to massage in the remaining product. It left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. I would highly recommend trying out these masks by Sephora. I will definitely be trying the Rose mask next.


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