As the year comes to an end, I can’t help but look back at the past few months to see how I’ve evolved as a person. Wisdom comes with age so it’s only natural that we as humans grow wiser every year that passes. We think we know it all growing up, but that’s just not the case. This year has definitely been a year of growth for me. I’ve made mistakes, fallen down, but I’ve also learned new things about myself and what really drive me. So here’s a list of a few things I’ve learned in 2017:

1. Canada is the more beautiful than I thought
I’ve made it a mission of mine to explore the world and travel far and wide to experience new sights and learn about different cultures. I’ve always dismissed Canada as a destination to do that. But I was proven wrong this year when I travelled to Vancouver and Newfoundland for work. It was wonderfully eye-opening for me. These places – the most western and eastern points of Canada – showed me that the country I live in is unlike anywhere I’d been to before and that it’s chalked full of diversity. The people, the views, the experiences. I crave more of it. So it’s safe to say more Canadian destinations will be on my travel list moving forward.

2. Change is good
No one likes change. It can feel really awkward and stiff but the more open and willing I became to it, the better it felt. And this year for me has been all about change – lifestyle, location, people etc. I always remind myself of this saying when it feels tough.

3. Things aren’t everything
And by things I mean material, tangible things. We all want the finer things in life but in the end our memories, experiences and the people in our lives are much more valuable than any car or designer bag. This year was humbling for me especially with what I saw happening around me. Because of this, I’m dedicating my blog in the coming year to be more about bargain shopping and re-using pieces in your wardrobe.

4. Learning feeds my soul
I thought I already knew this about myself but this year it became much more clearer to me. I love to learn about places I travel, cultures, the field I’m in, what’s going on in the world etc. I’m a firm believer that Knowledge=Power. So my goal is to be Uber powerful.

5. I love beauty
My blog has always been about the things I’m passionate about – fashion, food and travel. But this year I’ve really come to realize that beauty is also a passion of mine (ask my Rouge membership at Sephora). So in the coming year, you will see more beauty on the blog.

6. Travel is a must
If you ask my mother, she’d say I travel way too much. If you ask me, you can never travel too much. This year I went on 6 trips. Nothing international but nonetheless 6 trips. Trips that all happened in a 7 month span. As long as I get to come home afterwards and reconnect with my life here, I’m good to go again the next week. I learned that travel is a staple in my life. It ignites a fire inside of me to explore, learn everything I can about places I know nothing about and share with others what I’ve seen. It ultimately enriches my life more than anything else.

7. The gym isn’t the enemy
Okay, this one is a bit of a new learning for me. As in, I’ve realized it but have yet to dive into the gym. Baby steps, people. I’m pumped and ready to get started asap. It ultimately makes you feel great and I’ve learned that even healthy people go so it must be a necessity, right? Here’s to a new body in 2018.


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