This summer, Union Summer Market opened at Union Station downtown Toronto. For 70 days, Union Summer Market offered more 20 different food vendors of deliciousness. It was a social place you could go to sample some local favourites and enjoy some great entertainment. Sometimes it was a local band, sometimes it was a show for kids. What I loved most about the Union Summer Market was that I got to try all different types of foods in one spot!

One of my favourite things I tried, and I might have tried it over and over again a few times, was the chimney ice creams from Original Chimney. It was so good and a very unique dessert. These donut cones are a Hungarian tradition. I saw them for the first time last summer in Prague and was obsessed with them. I was happy to see them being offered in the six this summer.


I also had a chance to try to lobster fries, which is quite self explanatory. This ginormous dish from Fresh Off The Boat was really flavourful Andy just the right amount of goodness to get your lobster craving in.


Another flavourful dish I tried was from Noodle Bar, was the Spicy Chicken Bun. I liked it so much I came back and had it again! It had kewpie mayo, lettuce and habaneros in a sticky bun.

Let’s hope they do this again next year! It was a great initiative to bring the city together and show people what delicious cuisines Andy interesting foods the city has to offer.


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